Making a diversity, equity and inclusion. DCBIA members support youth summer experiences in real estate.

Through June 30, and in partnership with The Real Estate Exchange (REEX) Summer Program, the DCBIA Community Services Corporation accepted tax deductible contributions intended to bolster the participation of underrepresented students interested in the real estate industry, raising nearly $3,500!

The REEX Summer Program is a two-week session that will introduce rising high school juniors and seniors to the concepts, career paths and mentors associated with commercial real estate.  Additionally, the program will expose students to the universities that host the program, including Cornell, Harvard, Howard, Marquette, Miami (FL), MIT, NYU, Roosevelt and SMU. Our efforts, and your dollars, will be focused on local students.

Donations are tax-deductible for charitable purposes - FEIN 52-2051884
Individual and corporate donations accepted!