DCBIA Urges Comprehensive Energy Approach to Proposed Solar Panel Legislation

On Wednesday, December 13, DCBIA testified before the Committee on Transportation and the Environment, chaired by Councilmember Mary Cheh on Bill 22-437, "Solar Ready Roofs and Sustainable Development Amendment Act of 2017." The bill requires new or substantially renovated residential units of 4 of fewer to become "solar ready" by 2020 and for new or substantially renovated commercial properties and residential properties of 5 or more units to install a renewable system that results in 10% reduction of the building's energy use.

Similar to the process to create the city's Green Building Act, DCBIA requested that the Council set up a task force of architects, engineers and others to find multiple ways to reach the city's solar energy goals rather than create a new mandate that may not work on rooftops or meet the bill's intent of increasing solar use.

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