DCBIA Supports Mayor's Comprehensive Plan Framework Element

  • On March 20, a large cohort DCBIA members and other real estate professionals came forward to support the Comprehensive Plan Framework Element—as it helps to ensure that the interpretation of the local zoning stays within the hands of locally appointed officials rather than federally appointed judges, eliminates the risks that financial partners have with financing development projects of the growing number of PUD court cases, and resolves the issues the courts have in making decisions.
  • DCBIA President Brad Fennell (Senior Vice President of WC Smith), Lisa Mallory, DCBIA CEO, and Jeff Utz (Director, Goulston & Storrs) and Co-Chair of DCBIA’s Public Policy & Regulation Committee testified in support of the Mayor’s bill, citing that the Office of Planning’s Comp Plan is a fair initial planning document intended to be a comprehensive plan (not just one issue) that allows for job growth and other important neighborhood, housing, and retail opportunities.DCBIA reiterated that the bill does not weaken or eliminate prior limitations on development but rather clarify existing language with existing intent
    DCBIA thanks the many members who responded to the call to testify. If you would like a copy of DCBIA’s talking points to submit written comments, email Liz DeBarros. The deadline to submit written comments is Tuesday, April 3 at 5pm. Comments should be sent to: cow@dccouncil.us
  • As you may know, this hearing is the first on the City’s Comprehensive Plan. DCBIA will provide an update to members on any changes to the bill as it moves through the legislative process.



(DCBIA begins at approx. 9:00)