DCBIA Joins Regional Effort to Put Metro on Safe, Smart and Sustainable Path

As you may have read in the Washington Business Journal, DCBIA has joined the effort to put Metro on a safe, smart, and sustainable path in 2018.

This is a first-of-its-kind branded regional collaboration effort that is combining the collective voices and assets of the regional business community to drive action. The unprecedented level of regional collaboration behind the MetroNow coalition indicates how important a priority Metro is to the Greater Washington business community and how willing it is to work with others in a diverse coalition to create the environment that is needed for businesses to be created, grow, and thrive here.

We are excited to join this collaborative effort and hope you will add your voice to the conversation by signing the MetroNow action petition at MetroNow.com and following the coalition via our digital channels:  @MetroNow and facebook.com/MetroNowDMV.

Together we can bring about the changes needed to ensure the DC area has the world-class transportation system it needs to support and drive future growth.