DCBIA / DCRA Occupied Roofs Technical Training & Presentation


DCBIA Presenters:

Brian Strott, Vice President and Matt Tsau, Senior Project Manager, WC Smith

Guclu Durusoy, AIA, Associate Principal and Marius Radulescu, AIA, Associate Principal, SK+I Architecture

  • Overview of The Collective Rooftops

Phil Esocoff, FAIA, Gensler

  • Park Chelsea Rooftop – Success and Challenges

Christy Shiker, Partner, Holland & Knight

  • Legal Considerations
  • Summary of Zoning Considerations for penthouse habitable space and rooftop space
  • Production of Affordable Housing associated with penthouse habitable space

DCRA and DOEE Presenters:

Kathleen Beeton, Deputy Zoning Administrator, Zoning, DCRA

  • Zoning Overview
    • What is a roof?
    • Penthouse Regulations
    • Habitable Penthouse Regulations
    • Architectural Embellishments and Elements
    • Solar
    • Common Plan Review Issues
    • Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)
    • Antennas

Christopher Bailey, Deputy Building Official, DCRA

  • Overview of Permit and DC Building Code
    • Buildings and Construction
    • Height and Area
    • Roof Loading
    • Occupancy and Use Classification

Jeff Reiss, Third Party Program Technical Advisor, DCRA

  • Building Code Overview
    • Fire Protection
    • Swimming pools
    • Rooftops - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 

Keith Winston, Green Building Inspector, DCRA

  • Solar in DC
    • Background
    • Value of Solar
    • Permitting Solar
    • Inspecting Solar

Margie Noonan, Environmental Engineer, DOEE

  • Stormwater Management (SWM) and Green Area Ratio (GAR)
    • Triggers and Requirements
    • SWM and GAR Overlap
    • Green Roofs