DCBIA and Others Request Mayoral Veto on Universal Paid Leave

February 8, 2017

Over the last year, DCBIA and other DC business organizations have tried to work with the DC Council to craft such a proposal, but in December 2016, the Council overwhelmingly passed what we believe is a seriously flawed and unnecessarily expensive paid leave program. The bill, which is now before the Mayor for signature, disproportionally advantages Maryland and Virginia residents over DC residents through the creation of a payroll tax for DC private employers at .62%, raising $250 million per year for DC government, with $160 million yearly going to non-District residents.

The bill before the Mayor offers employees 2 weeks of paid leave for self-care, 6 weeks for the care of parent or grandparent, and 8 weeks for maternity/paternity leave. While DCBIA supports this same level of paid leave for employees, the major business organizations in the city, including DCBIA, believe that a payroll tax is not the way to get it done.

In addition to these major policy concerns, recent presidential Executive Orders, such as the repeal of Affordable Care Act, continue to threaten the District's financial stability. The implications to the District are astronomicalfrom a low of $563 million to an estimated $5.7 billionshould DC have to cover costs currently covered by the federal government.

Read the letter asking Mayor Bowser to veto this flawed and unnecessarily expensive bill.