7 Reasons to Join a DCBIA Committee


Lynn Hackney, Former President of DCBIA and President of Allyson Capital.

DCBIA is known for our robust advocacy before government and our expert knowledge of all things in the DC real estate industry. Know how we got this way? We created several committees that build DCBIA leaders.

There is no better way to become a leader or share your expert knowledge with others in the industry. Our Committees are led by your industry peers and foster an environment of collaboration to develop solutions to the concerns of our industry.

Join a committee today:

  • Capital Markets Committee
  • Commercial, Office, and Retail Committee
  • Community Services Committee
  • Construction & Development Committee
  • Housing Committee
  • Public Policy Committee (requires DCBIA President approval)
  • DC Agency Working Groups
  • Young Leaders Committee (for DCBIA members under 35 years old) ​​​​​​​

Sign up HERE. DCBIA members only!