25th Annual Community Improvement Day: Sitemap & Zone Activities

September 22, 2017

ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS: We are very excited to have you as one of the 500+ volunteers and appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to support DCBIA’s 25th Annual Community Improvement Day at Benning Terrace Community Center in Southeast DC. Please take a moment to read this message in its entirety, as it contains very important information about Saturday’s event. Location Benning Terrace Community Center 4450 G Street Southeast Washington, DC 20019 Saturday, September 23rd 7:30am-5:00pm   Zones & Activities There will be a color-coded flag and a zone captain for each of the 5 zones and the zone captains will be wearing construction vests so that they are easily identified. Once you arrive in your zone, please report to your zone captain for further instructions. Zone 1 – YELLOW: BASKETBALL COUTS & PLAYGROUND Captain Meral Kanik – Pavilion construction, basketball court paint, playground blacktop paint, & stone dust path Zone 2 – GREEN: PATH, FENCES, ART & SIGNAGE Captain Muhammad Ahmad – Site signage, fence weaving, path painting, & art station installation Zone 3 – PINK: NORTH FIELD EDGE Captain Don Ramsey – Shade structure construction, & mulch placement Zone 4 – DARK BLUE: COMMUNITY CENTER PLAZAS & INTERIOR Captains Rob Kurucza/Jamar Frank – Community center sign installation, forecourt post art installation, interior art mural, concrete painting, interior TV install, & interior drywall construction Zone 5 – LIGHT BLUE: COMMUNITY GARDEN Captains Kelsey Ryan / Mark Bellingham – Gravel placement & planter bed construction (Note: If you plan to perform activities in the community garden, it is requested that you bring a screw gun) Landscaping: ENTIRE SITE Captain Sharon Bradley –  General Landscaping Additional Activities Assistance will be needed with setup, teardown, water distribution, lunch expediting, and etc.   Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday! Sincerely, The DCBIA Team