Committee and DC Agency Working Groups

DCBIA committees and work groups will advance solutions-based proposals, under the auspices of one of five broader Issue Areas, on specific topics. These groups ensure DCBIA's agile and responsive approach to market conditions and member needs. Included in all DCBIA groups is a sharp focus on development East of the River, on young and emerging real estate development leaders, and on issues impacting the environment, energy and sustainability. Active DCBIA members can participate in any committee.*


1. Capital Markets - Co-chaired by Brian Berry, Monday Properties, Jeffrey Chod, Tishman Speyer and Paul Kinyon, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
2. Commercial/Office/Retail Leasing (formerly Retail Business Development) - Co-chaired by Keith Sellars/Chad Shuskey, Washington DC Economic Partnership and Curvin Leatham of Area Probe. 
3. Construction & Development (formerly Commercial Construction) Co-chaired by Chuck Asmar, Asmar, Schor & McKenna & Michael Greene, Hines.
4. Housing - Co-Chaired by: Pam Askew, WC Smith & Anitra Androh, Miles & Stockbridge  Ad-Hoc Housing Subcommittees: Affordable Housing Policy and Initiatives, Co-chaired by Pam Askew, WC Smith & Buwa Binitie, Dantes Partners; Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA), Rent Control, and Planned Unit Development (PUD).
5. Public Policy & Regulation  - Co-Chaired by Brad Fennell, WC Smith, Paul Tummonds, Goulston & Storrs, and Jeff Utz, Goulston & Storrs. (*Participation in this Committee requires approval from DCBIA President)
6. Young Leader's   - The Young Leader’s Committee focuses on professional development for leaders in real estate development, including networking, educational programs, development tours and community service opportunities. Beginning in 2016, Young Leader's under 35 are automatically eligible to join the committee.
7. DC Agency Working Groups - Chaired by Lisa Mallory, CEO
  • Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
  • Department of Energy & Environment
  • Department of Small, Local Business Development
  • District Department of Transportation
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer

8. DCBIA / OP Comprehensive Plan Amendment Working Group - Co-Chaired by Senthil Sankaran, Director of Development at EDENS and Jeff Utz, Director, Goulston & Storrs, this group is currently preparing proposed amendments to DC's Office of Planning Comprehensive Plan amendment process. Open call for proposed amendments is underway and are due to OP by June 23, 2017. Other activities include an OP report after amendments are submitted (scheduled for release in the fall 2017) and DC Council public hearings scheduled for early to mid 2018. 

For more information about DCBIA Committees, & DC Agency Working Groups

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