Committees, DC Agency Working Groups, and Community Services Corporation

DCBIA committees and agency work groups are where DCBIA thought-leaders are built and industry information is shared. These groups advance solutions-based proposals and ensure DCBIA's agile and responsive approach to market conditions and member needs. Included in all DCBIA groups is a sharp focus on development East of the River, on young and emerging real estate development leaders, and on issues impacting the environment, energy and sustainability.

Active DCBIA members can participate in any committee.*


1. Capital Markets - The Capital Markets Committee develops roundtable discussions on the current and future capital markets. The Committee also evaluates financial trends and project financing and organizes and hosts a CEO forum yearly. Co-chaired by Brian Berry, Oak Point Investors, Jeffrey Chod, Tishman Speyer and Paul Kinyon, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
2. Commercial/Office/Retail Leasing  - The COR Committee studies local, national, and international retail trends and monitors and promotes commercial, office and retail leasing in the DC area (formerly Retail Business Development). The Committee also organizes presentations by real estate leaders and hosts walking tours of new spaces. - Co-chaired by Keith Sellars/Chad Shuskey, Washington DC Economic Partnership and Curvin Leatham of Area Probe
3. Construction & Development - The C&D Committee (formerly Commercial Construction) holds roundtable discussions on commercial construction and development and evaluates trends and federal/local legislative regulatory proposals. Organizes and hosts the three-part Design-Build Symposium in 2017.  Co-chaired by Chuck Asmar, Asmar, Schor & McKenna & Michael Greene, Hines.
4. Housing - The Housing Committee focuses on creating solutions-based proposals to improve housing in the District of Columbia, including housing production, management, financing, and regulation. Co-Chaired by: Pam Askew, WC Smith & Anitra Androh, Miles & Stockbridge Ad-Hoc Housing Subcommittees: Affordable Housing Policy and Initiatives; Inclusionary Zoning (IZ), Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA), Rent Control, and Planned Unit Development (PUD).
5. Public Policy & Regulation  - The Committee monitors legislation that impacts DC real estate development and provides written and oral testimony to the Council of the District of Columbia on behalf of DCBIA.  The Committee also develops strategies on industry issues, including regulations, taxes, and impositions. Co-Chaired by Brad Fennell, WC Smith, Paul Tummonds and Jeff Utz of Goulston & Storrs. (*Participation in this Committee requires approval from DCBIA President).
6. Young Leaders   - The Young Leaders Committee focuses on professional development for leaders in real estate development, including networking, educational programs, development tours and community service opportunities. Young Leaders under 35 who work for member companies are automatically eligible to join the committee with no additional cost. Co-chaired by Jessica Bloomfield, Holland & Knight and Charles Struse, Miller.
7. DC Agency Working Groups - The DCBIA Agency Working Groups work closely with DC Government Agency Leadership to develop solutions to concerns of the development industry, including educational sessions and input into regulations. Chaired by Lisa Mallory, CEO, DCBIA.
  • Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
  • Department of Energy & Environment
  • Department of Small, Local Business Development
  • District Department of Transportation
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer

For more information about DCBIA Committees, & DC Agency Working Groups

Contact DCBIA at (202) 966-8665 or email us at


DCBIA Community Services Corporation (CSC).  The DCBIA CSC, formed in 1997, is a separate 501(c)(3) organization that serves as an educational and charitable organization that fosters a commitment to community service and volunteerism among members of the Washington, D.C. real estate development business community.  Chaired by Bill McIntosh, Development Consultant. View the Board members here. Also, in its 25th year, DCBIA hosts a "Community Improvement Day" to renovate a community site each fall. Preceded by months of design and community engagement meetings, teams of DCBIA members gather on different zones across the site to finalize design plans. See 2017 plans! Co-chaired by Christian Benz, Turner Construction and Mario Dominguez, David M. Schwarz Architects. For 2018 - please contact us if you are interested in leading the 2018 Community Services Committee, a group organized to input on and execute the activities of DCBIA's community services effort, overseen by the Community Services Corporation Board of Directors.
DCBIA / OP Comprehensive Plan Amendment Working Group - This ad-hoc committee formed in response to the opportunity to provide public comment to the District's Comprehensive Plan process.  This group has prepared and submitted proposed amendments to DC's Office of Planning Comprehensive Plan amendment process on June 23, 2017.  OP will produce a report based on the proposed amendments submitted by the public (scheduled for release in the fall 2017). DC Council public hearings are scheduled for early to mid 2018.  Co-Chaired by Senthil Sankaran, Director of Development at EDENS and Jeff Utz, Director, Goulston & Storrs.